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Our Barbeque Crunch-O's aren't just good...they're great! They're also easy to use in a lot of recipes and can add that savory crunch you've been missing on a low-carb diet. In just 1 serving, they offer 12 grams of protein and a lot of flavor.

Here are our top 5 ways to enjoy them:

1. As breading for chicken tenders. Simply crush a bag into fine flour and use with an egg wash like you would with bread crumbs for chicken tenders. Cook thoroughly and enjoy!

2. As a side to compliment a bun-less burger with pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard.

3. As breading for zucchini sticks. Prepare these like you would chicken tenders.

4. As croutons for a salad with lettuce, red bell peppers, diced buffalo chicken breast and celery. Pick a fat-free ranch for dressing!

5. With 2 poached eggs. We know this sounds a little weird, but hear us out: use the Crunch-O's as a bed for your poached eggs. It's a nice little spin on a traditional breakfast!

Pick up your order of 7 bags for just $16! Great for busy days, travel and cravings.