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It seems like everywhere you look there are new teas or beverages to swear by when it comes to detoxing your body. Do these teas really work? More importantly, are they beneficial when it comes to weight loss? We'll break down the pros and cons for you:

Pros: Tea does contain powerful antioxidants such as flavenoids and catechins. While these antioxidants aid in cognitive function, heart health and glucose control, there have not been studies that are conclusive to say that drinking tea alone aids in weight loss.

Cons: There have not been any scientific studies that support the use of tea alone for weight loss. Supplement companies are not required to have evidence of their claims. They can state that a tea "will help you lose 10 lbs. in just one week", but they fail to mention that claim is only true when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

The truth is, herbal tea may help aid in your weight loss as it replaces high-calorie, sugar-laden beverages. But its true impact on weight loss is minimal and efforts to lose weight should be centered around physical activity, nutrient dense foods and portion control. If you have more questions about teatoxing contact one of our weight loss doctors today!