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Dining out of the home while following a diet can be intimidating. What do you order? How do you customize it to meet your meal plan? Your meal plan should work for you, not against you. Follow these simple tools, organized by "Red Light" terms and "Green Light" terms, to stay on plan.

Red Light Menu Terms:

  • Parmigiana: fried and breaded, sometimes topped with cheese.
  • Au Gratin: bread crumbs, cheese.
  • Tempura: deep-fried.
  • Bearnaise Sauce: butter and egg yolks.

Green Light Menu Terms:

  • Baked: cooked in the oven, most likely seasoned.
  • Broiled: cooked at high heat, in the oven.
  • Grilled: cooked in a way that allows fat and sauces to drip off the food.
  • Salads: most likely include greens and other vegetables.
  • Steamed: cooked without high calorie sauces, steamed in water or broth.

While there is more to ordering on plan, these keywords can help you stay on your plan and avoid a total diet buster. For more personalized help, schedule your next visit by calling 303-458-1551.