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The Skinny on Diet Soda

Diet soda has been at the forefront of nutrition discussion in recent news. Is it good or bad for you? Will it cause you to gain weight or does it actually aid in weight loss? The truth is: there are no credible studies to support either platform. However, it is best to limit diet soda to just a few servings per week or less. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners and since it contains zero calories, can lead to an increase in overall caloric intake as most people subconsciously allow room for additional calories when consuming a calorie-free drink. Additionally, an increased consumption of aspartame (the artificial sweetener used in most diet sodas), has been strongly linked to an increased risk of cancer.

Our weight loss doctors recommend keeping those sweetened (zero calorie), treats to a minimum. Consider drinking a flavored club soda (such as La Croix). Give yourself a timeline to completely cut out any diet, sweetened beverages and remember that diet sodas are often an addition to intake vs. a replacement.

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