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Changing the way you eat is important but so is the way you talk to yourself! We could all stand to be a little kinder to ourselves. Use these tips to avoid a diet slump and stay motivated.

1. Don't tell yourself "I can't follow this diet today." Instead, tell yourself that you might have to adjust your plan slightly for the day but will always pick the foods that are on-plan first and foremost. You might also tell yourself that you'll eat well for the following meal.

2. Avoid saying "You never stick to anything, why keep trying?" Try telling yourself "Historically, I have not had the easiest time dieting but I'm capable and motivated to get this weight loss done!"

3. Try not to say "I don't like vegetables." Instead, say "I don't want to eat a salad today so I'll steam or grill my veggies instead."

You see, switching how you talk to yourself or perceive a specific challenge can change your attitude and ultimately, your actions. Don't forget that regular visits can also help you stay motivated during your weight management. Call today to schedule: 303-458-1551.