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Understanding the Glycemic Index
Here at Access Medical, we offer a Low Glycemic Index diet that is tailored to help individuals make healthier food choices and lose weight at the same time. All too often we are asked what the "Glycemic Index" is and how tp apply it to a weight loss regimen.

The Glycemic Index was founded in 1981 by two physicians: David Jenkins and Thomas Wolever. During their research, it was found that those who ate foods higher in sugar/starch experienced an increase in blood sugar. The Glycemic Index is a number that is associated with a particular food that reflects that foods impact on blood sugar compared to glucose. This scale ranges from its lowest, 0, to its highest, 100. It's best to pick foods from the lower end of the scale, from an index score of 55 or below.

While eating foods that are lower on the Glycemic Index will help to control your blood sugars, you should also be conscious of portion sizes and balance in your diet. Remember that we offer nutrition counseling for patients on all weight loss plans and are happy to help! We have low glycemic food lists available. Ask for one the next time you visit!