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Setting realistic and achievable goals can be tricky. Follow this guide to make it easier to meet them and you'll be on the path to success!

  • Focus on changing one thing at a time. Tackle one task before moving on to the next.
  • Be specific. For example: an undefined goal would be to "eat healthier foods" and a more specific goal would be to "bring my lunch to work every day".
  • Be realistic. You're bound to have a few bumps in the road so allowing yourself to set goals that aren't too far out of reach will help. We often tell patients to set small goals that help them achieve their overall goal. A good example of this would be focusing on losing 10 lbs. at a time until a total of 40 lbs. overall is lost.
  • Write it down! Writing down your weight loss goals and keeping them somewhere you can see them every day is SO important!
  • Manage your priorities. Are there circumstances that might put your goals in jeopardy? Of course! Plan for how you'll handle these hurdles before they're a problem. You'll be more likely to get through them.

For more goals and tips, call to schedule an appointment. We'd be happy to help!