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Things don't always go according to plan. So when you fall off your diet, what will you do to get back into your groove? While we encourage you to make healthy food choices during the holidays, we don't want you to be discouraged to return to them if you ditch your plan for the day. Follow these few tips to find your path to weight management after the holiday:

  • Add some sneakers to your black Friday attire! Work up a sweat, even if it's for 20 minutes of light cardio.
  • Fill up on fiber and protein. Anytime you feel the urge to snack on junk foods, have protein the size of the palm of your hand and 1 handful of vegetables. Pair it with 8 oz. of water and see if you still have the urge to nibble. *Leftover turkey makes for a great protein source!
  • Eat dinner at a reasonable time and don't snack after that! Be done with your meals a minimum of 2 hrs. before bed.
  • If you still feel anxious and want to snack after dinner, try taking a warm shower or bath. This can calm your nerves and help you gain control of your hunger.
  • Try a meal replacement from Access Medical. We have just about anything you'd need to put a Band-Aid on those cravings. We're talking high protein chips, hot chocolate, oatmeal, shakes and even soups.

Give us a call if you feel you need more support. You can also check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds on our home page for additional support.